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    Percent to Quota

    JD Markland



      This is my first post as I am a new Tableau user. I would like to get a simple percent-to-quota (PTQ) for sales reps. My hope is that I can list each rep so I can help management gauge where each rep is as well as overall PTQ. Here's an example:


      Sales RepSales




      Sales RepQuarterly Quota


      What I would like to show is that total sales for all reps (in this example) are 3,200 out of a total quota of 15,000. This shows that I am about 20% through to quota. I would also like to be able to deselect. John and Mary to show only Pete's sales and quota. I created a custom object in salesforce to house quota, but I can just as easily join the data from excel if that's best.


      Is this possible?