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    Blended Data: Changing Linking Fields


      Hello! It's me again! You thought you were safe because I haven't had a question in months.


      Anyway, my colleague and I are looking at blended data. When we switch between the linking fields, our Profit scale changes. How can this be when the profit data doesn't change? Profit is profit forwards or backwards. Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean:


      Blended data with Date as the linking field

      Date linking field.png


      Blended data with Order ID linking field

      Order ID linking field.png


      Blended data with Product linking field


      Product linking field.png

      Thanks for any and all help!

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          David Li

          Hi Heather! Here's what's going on: When you're working with a single data source, each record can only appear in one cell. For instance, if you break down your data into A's and B's, no record will both be in A and in B. However, this is not true of a secondary data source. Data from a secondary data source is pre-aggregated based on the level of detail and the linking fields you've chosen from the primary data source, and essentially, these data are sent over separately for each cell.


          Let's say, for instance, that you have two data sources for orders. Data source A holds all sale amounts per order and data source B holds all profits per order. In addition to the sale and profit fields, each source also has a field for Customer Name and a field for Order Number. You set up your view with A as the primary and B as the secondary, and you show sale amount and profit per order. If you link the data sources with both Customer Name and Order Number, you'll be fine, because you have a 1:1 relationship. However, if you forget to link along Order Number, what you'll actually get in each cell is the total profit for each Customer, not the profit for each individual order. You are double-counting because each cell is getting a result that includes data that should belong to other cells.


          Does that make sense?

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            Thanks, David! *High five*

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              David Li

              You're welcome!