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    Help with Formatting one measure to display both Percentage rows and Integer Rows

    Remmy Kinyanjui

      My data contains a column for denominator and numerator. For some indicators, I need to simply sum the denominator to know the performance of that indicator, however for some indicators I have to divide the sum of numerator by the sum of denominator to get the percentage value.


      I am hoping to create a calculated filed to display both the integer value and the percentage in one measure.


      I have created this measure, however I can only format it either as a percentage or an integer...anyone know how I can have the % indicator showing a % value...and the other indicator to show as an integer value?


      Any help would be very appreciated. TBWX is attached.




      My calculation is as follows


      IF ATTR([Indicator Type]) = 'IND_01' then sum([Denominator Value])

      ELSE sum([Numerator Value])/sum([Denominator Value])



      My Data looks something like this


      Indicator TypeIndicator NameClient NumberDateDenominator ValueNumerator Value
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23232301/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23234801/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month22666101/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23207901/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23210401/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23212901/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23215401/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23217901/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month22649201/01/201611
      IND_01Total Clients in the month23191001/01/201611
      IND_03% Clients with an order23232301/01/201610
      IND_03% Clients with an order23234801/01/201610
      IND_03% Clients with an order22666101/01/201610
      IND_03% Clients with an order23207901/01/201610
      IND_03% Clients with an order23210401/01/201610
      IND_03% Clients with an order23212901/01/201611
      IND_03% Clients with an order23215401/01/201611
      IND_03% Clients with an order23217901/01/201611
      IND_03% Clients with an order22649201/01/201611
      IND_03% Clients with an order23191001/01/201611