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    Dynamic colour diverging based on a maximum number

    catrin torres



      I am trying to create a country insight dashboard which looks at numerous pieces of publicly available data, which then shows how a particular  country we work in ranks in comparison to other countries within that region we work in.


      I have already put the ranks in the excel spreadsheet because I was struggling with LOD calculations.


      The problem I am having is I want a diverging colour for the rank number, but this needs to be relative to the region. The issue I am having is that we have a range of 6 and 29 countries in our regions, so when I set a maximum number on the colour palette, it shows no real colour change for the regions with few countries. i.e. it tells you something in EU Europe but nothing for Central/South Asia or Americas.


      This may be really simple, so apologies, but I have tried a couple of things and they haven't worked out. let me know if you need more clarity. I've attached a much smaller workbook than the one I'm using with just one metric, education funding. What I need is something that knows how many countries are in the region and changes the colour range based on that...