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    How to create a chart for a cumulative parameter?

    Sasha Abramovich

      Suppose I have a single column of prices sorted in a descending order:

      Price (desc)


      My aim is to create the following line area chart:

      X axis: cumulative price (i.e. with values: 100, 190 = 100 + 90, 260 = 100 + 90 + 70 etc)

      Y axis: cumulative percentage (i.e. with values: 100/(100+90+70+10+5+5), 190/(100+90+70+10+5+5) etc


      How can I do it in Tableau? Should be fairly easy, yet couldn't make it in 10 minutes


      To add to it: every value has a boolean flag, I'd like to be able to have a chart only for the rows with the flag value set to True.