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    Invalid Credentials:Kerberos Configuration

    Sanket Deshpande

      Hi all,


      Im implementing Kerberos with AD authentication for my Tableau Server.

      1. I have followed the steps of first creating the Config.bat file and provided it to the AD admin .

      2. He provided the .keytab file

      3. However on "Test Configuration" it pops an error of checking  tabconfig.log Log files

      4. On going through the log there were  2 last lines of errors :


           2016-11-30 14:50:14.813 +0530 INFO  root: Connecting to active directory for domain xyz.com    

           2016-11-30 14:50:14.969 +0530 ERROR root: Failed to query Active Directory. Error:Invalid Credentials.


      Can anyone tell me what this error points to , also how should be the Config file be examined if there is error in some setspn.




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          James Geron

          Hello Sanket,


          It sounds as though the Tableau Server Run As User account cannot query the Active Directory.  This is a very important part of using Active Directory with Tableau Server and kerberos.


          If the Run As User account cannot query the Active Directory, it cannot query Active Directory for users.  This will cause authentication to fail.  In regards specifically to kerberos, it will prevent the creation of the kerberos ticket and cause a failure to authenticate.


          Please see:


          Run As User:  Run As User


          Kerberos: Kerberos


          Kerberos Requirements:  Kerberos Requirements



          If additional assistance is required beyond the above, it may be necessary to create a case with Tableau Support.  The Tableau Server logs will be necessary to address the concern.


          I hope this helps!

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            Sanket Deshpande

            Thank you for your reply.

            We have been through those links, my confusion point is that if the Run as user didn't have permissions to query the AD ,my AD authentication wouldn't have worked at all. But my AD Authentication works very well, it is Kerberos that isnt working


            Although thanks for your reply and we have raised the case for the same.