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    Disaster Recovery Automation Script

    pinki sharma



      I am trying to make DR automation script. I have 2 machines. one is active and other is standby.

      I want if active server goes down script take backup  and move that backup to second machine and restore it and vice versa for second machine.

      It should keep checking status of server if down then copy backup between machines and up the other machine.

      NOTE: FTP is not enabled in both machine


      This is the algorithm of backup script -


      If (Floating IP is ‘UP’)


      \\Create backup using command “tabadmin backup <backupfilename> -d –v” , redirect the logs coming on to a log file <backupfilename-date.log>

      \\Transfer the created backup file to Server-2 using its Fixed-IP

      \\If (Transfer successful)

      \\move previous backup and log to a replicated folder


      \\Do nothing;




      If (Backupfile is present)


      \\Restore backup using command “tabadmin restore <backupfile>.tsbak”. The script needs to have the user credentials for the tableau administrator.

      \\Restart Tableau server using command “tabadmin restart”

      \\move old backups to a restored folder





      Please help how can i create such backup script.


      Thanks in Advance...:-)




      Pinki Sharma