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    How to categorise using "CONTAINS" and draw a graph showing % of total

    Max Wong

      Hi everyone,


      I ran into a roadblock trying to tabulate and categorise the fields (see attached workbook).


      In Sheet 1, I created a calculated field called "Category" and using IF and CONTAINS did not categorise the Product IDs into 3 categories (Incorrect, Correct and No ID):


      IF CONTAINS([Page URL],"=p") THEN "Incorrect ID"

      ELSEIF CONTAINS([Page URL],";=3") THEN "Correct ID"

      ELSE "No ID"



      After categorising it, I plan to count the number of Incorrect, Correct and No IDs in the table and plot a graph for it, showing the % of the categories from the total number of records. So, is there a need to create more calculated fields or do I just use the number of records as shown in Sheet 2?


      Looking forward to your help guys. Thanks!


      Best regards,