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    Cross Database Filtering Not Working? (Tableau 10.0)

    Clayton Chapman



      I am having an issue with cross database filtering within my dashboard. The issue is that I have several dashboards, all of which use a secondary data source called "Support Users" that has the field "Team Name". In each of my workbooks they are correctly linked to "Support Users" and the field "Team Name" is even in all of them.


      However, when I try adding the Team Name as a filter to a workbook and then right clicking it to apply to the other worksheets, it doesn't work at all - just on the worksheet that it was added to.


      It used to give me the option to choose which worksheets to apply it to for my filters, but I've noticed that for some reason this functionality isn't even showing up.


      Am I missing something? Why wouldn't this just work? I mean I have the data sources blended and the field present in all of the workbooks, but for some reason it just won't apply it to any of them?


      Is it because I am connecting live MYSQL sources and tableau server data sources?

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          Andrew Connolly

          Hi Clayton,


          Its tough to diagnose the problem without an example to look over. Are you not seeing the "All Using Related Data Sources" option when you click the context menu on the filter you want to use across data sources?  If so, that's likely because you're using a dimension from the secondary data source as the filter. If the "Team Name" field is only present in your secondary data source, and you want to use it to filter your primary data source, a couple potential alternatives I can think of:


          Cleaning Data by Bulk Re-aliasing



          Or, a full on cross database join - though this is not currently possible with Tableau Server data sources. You'd have to go back to the underlying conneciton

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            Clayton Chapman

            Howdy Andrew,


            Yea unfortunately the data I'm working with is a bit confidential. I can try replicating it with some fake data later today perhaps.


            Your link Cleaning Data by Bulk Re-aliasing is very helpful, but it doesn't quite solve my issue. If my dimension's values in the secondary data source was always going to be the same then it wouldn't be a problem, but that dimension's values will change over time, and I'd rather not have to keep redoing the work each time someone's team changes.


            I guess my other option would be to create a parameter that I could set with the field "team name" and then using a filter on each workbook essentially duplicate a cross data source filter, but again I run into the issue when that dimension's values are changed. But at least I'd only have to change the parameter and not each data source. However, I like to give my users the option to multi-select or wildcard search so I'd like to opt for just a filter if I can.


            I think a full cross database join isn't too much work and will be fine - just trying to save a few minutes


            Just a bit strange that for each individual worksheet I can get the filter for "team name" to work just fine, but trying to get that to apply to all of them in a dashboard is not possible - perhaps I misunderstood what was possible with cross database filters.