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    Refresh extract option grayed out

    Hema reddy

      I have installed a trail version of Tableau server and desktop tool and I am working on a prototype, everything works as expected except for Refresh extract. even with admin access this option is grayed out. how do we enable this?




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Hema,


          I'm going to take a guess that this workbook was published without an extract, that it's either a live connection or using a file-based source and the file was included when published. You'll be able to tell that by opening the workbook in Tableau Desktop.



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            Hema reddy

            Hello Jonathan,


            Thanks for reply, Yes I have used the live connection as well as exported the data source (in this case data source is a SAP BW query). I am new to tableau, All i was trying to do is to create a schedule and schedule an extract. I was able to create a schedule with out any issue but I am unable to use the schedule or in other words use schedule a refresh extract. Is there something i am missing?