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    Can I create a filter than responds to a parameter selection?

    Doug Stanley

      I'm attaching a simplified version of my challenge (Tableau 9.3 packaged workbook).


      I'm looking at data for mutual funds/ETFs and for various types of private funds. Mutual fund/ETF size is measured by one metric, private fund size by another.


      I've created a parameter ('Fund-type focus') and a calculated field ('AUM type') to display the proper measure. But I also need to be able to filter by fund types, and here's where I'm getting stuck.


      When the user selects  'Mutual funds and ETFs', the filter should display only 'ETF & MF'. When the user selects 'Private funds', the filter should display everything BUT 'ETF & MF'. What I'm trying to avoid is the blank screen produced when, for example, the user selects 'Mutual funds and ETFs' but unchecks the 'ETF & MF box'  in the filter, like so:





      I've tried various approaches with calculated fields and sets, but nothing works. Am I asking Tableau to do something it can't (doubtful) or am I missing something?


      Thanks for any help.