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    URL dashboard action not working in 10.1

    Vineet Gordhandas

      Good afternoon.

      I have a workbook that was originally made in version 8 or 9 with a Dashboard action that populates a webpage under my viz. In version 10.1 the dashboard actions only work when I open the workbook in desktop but simply does not when published to server. I have seen other discussions mentioning links starting with https vs. http but am not seeing a difference with the results. The links simply do not work after the viz is published to server.  Is this a known issue with 10.1?


      I have attached a dummy viz (cannot use the real one for security reasons) with the exact same action type to this discussion. 


      Thanks and looking forward to your help and responses!


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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Vineet!


          I took your sample workbook and published it to a 10.1 server and tested. I also recreated the workbook and published to a 9.3 server for testing. Both workbooks behaved the same way - the http links worked fine and the httpS links did not load. Pressing F12 and opening up the console when clicking the httpS links showed an error:

          which lead me to this article in StackOverflow where it looks like the domain is the one throwing the error saying it can't display their webpage in the manner attempted: javascript - How to set 'X-Frame-Options' on iframe? - Stack Overflow


          What does the F12 developers console show when you try and access these links?

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            Vineet Gordhandas

            Thanks for your help with this. In my test workbook, i replaced all the links to ones beginning with httpS and it is working. However , unlike your testing and links beginning with http do not work. The f12 developer console gives me the following error when clicking http links:


            The links must be httpS in order to work when published.


            The information about X-Frame issue is very helpful, I did not know that some websites do not allow you to open their site in an iframe. This might be the big problem with my actual workbook. The links there lead to some news sites and it seems like most of them do not let you load the page in an iframe.


            The simplest fix I could think of was to just get rid of the iframe and let the links open in a new tab or window.


            Thanks so much!