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    Plotting "unrelated" data on the same map (or overlaying separate maps)

    Shawn Larson

      Hello - newer user here. I've been using Tableau for about 5 months now and I've taken the Intermediate desktop training. My question is on joining/merging/overlaying two separate map types with unrelated data.

      I found a similar thread with a similar question from 2014 but none of the solutions provided would work for me (How do I plot unrelated data onto same map? )  .


      I am currently running on Tableau Desktop 10 and am facing the following scenario:


      - I have a listing of countries from World Watch that are rated based on the relative threat of that country (1-5 rating). All I have is the country name and threat index number. From this data I've made a filled map that is colored based on the threat index number.

      - I also have a listing of people within my department that are spread out globally. I have their names, locations and latitude and longitude. From this data I made a symbol map with dots representing where my people are located and the size indicating a large number of people in the same place.


      I want to overlay the symbol map on the filled map so that I can see globally where my people are and the relative threat of the locations (Meant to be a quick visual for executives that answers if we have a significant amount of people traveling in a dangerous part of the world? Is it necessary? Etc.)


      I've attached a packaged workbook and I'm hoping somebody has a solution.



      Things I have tried unsuccessfully:

      I've tried joins/unions and tried excluding nulls from the view using a dual access map with no success.

      I've tried blending the data and doing a dual access map but I cannot establish a relationship between fields in the different tables in order to do so.

      I've tried converting country to a latitude and longitude but then am unable to correctly plot the filled map portion of what I am trying to do.


      One interesting point is that the filled map does NOT need to be interactive. I.e. if it was just a background image used for plotting the listing of people that would be perfectly okay. I've tried looking for a way for me to save the filled map I've created as a background map/image or something and then plot my people location data on that map, but have been unsuccessful.

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          I think the following would work for you:

          1) Do some data prep on your "Where are My People" data to have a country column

          2) On the Data Source tab, join the "Where are My People" and "Country Threats" tables on Country

          3) Create a dual-axis map where one layer is a filled map showing country threats and the other layer showing a point map with your people


          Note that in 10.2, you will have the possibility to do a join using a calculated field.  The calc you need for point 1 above is something like "Split([Currently Traveling To], ",", -1)".


          Hope that helps.