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    Spend Aging

    Arihant Jain



      I am trying to create an Aging bucket given below, but its not giving me correct result. I have one supplier whose sum total is above 1M in FY 2014 and 4 supplier in 2015. But my formula is not able to give me the correct result. I have attached the WB for review. I want to see what is the number or supplier and their sum total with whom we spend more than 1M, or between 500K - 1M etc.


      Aging Formula

      IF [Amount in USD]>1000000 THEN "Above 1M"

      ELSEIF [Amount in USD]>500000 THEN "500K - 1M"

      ELSEIF [Amount in USD]>100000 THEN "100K - 500K"

      ELSEIF [Amount in USD]>50000 THEN "50K - 100K"

      ELSE "Below 50K"



      Thanks for the help.

      Arihant Jain