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    Fiscal month changes everytime when I open my workbook

    Kahv Jiv



      My fiscal month should start from November.I have set my date properties to set to Nov but everytime I close and open my workbook, it changes to Jan.

      My data source has fiscal month set to Nov. How can i fix this up..?

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          Joe Oppelt

          Tell me more about your data source.  Excel?  Tableau Data Extract?  Etc.?



          I run into this too.


          At our shop we use all TDEs (and some excel here and there.)  We always manage our TDEs in a workbook that is separate from the actual workbook from which we publish our user-accessible dashboards.  In all cases, in the data source workbook, we attach to Microsoft SQL Server, connect to a stored procedure, and that's how we get our data source.  From that workbook we create a TDE, and publish it to the Tableau Server.  Then the actual user application workbook uses the published TDE.


          Our fiscal year starts in October.  I find that if I do not set the fiscal year to October in the data source management workbook before creating the TDE and publishing, then when I try to use it in my application workbook I cannot get the fiscal year to stay at October there.  Each time I open the workbook, it goes back to January.


          But if I set it in the data source workbook before publishing the TDE, then October "sticks" properly for me in the application workbook.


          I don't know why this happens.  I would expect I should be able to set it to October in the application workbook without having it set that way in the TDE, but it doesn't.  I haven't bothered to understand why it does this.  I just have a sufficient way to manage it, and that's what I do.


          And, for the record, this has worked this way in all the versions of Tableau I have used.  From 8.0 to the present.

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            Kahv Jiv

            my data source is published data source in tableau server. Fiscal year for the data source is set to November.