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    Select date field formats getting switched between US mm/dd (desktop) and UK dd/mm (server) when published

    Eric Kurtz

      I have a very simple workbook built in Tableau desktop 9, which connects to an Excel xlsx file (legacy). Both I and the excel file/extract are in the US, and our server is located in the UK. The file is simply a list of batches with planned start and end dates, as well as modified start and end dates when applicable.


      When I build the view in the US on desktop, all looks well with the dates showing as they should. However, when it gets published to the server, select date entries get the date/month numbers switched around. By this I mean it only happens to a couple of entries, and not all of them, with no rhyme or reason that I can ascertain. There are plenty of other entries that *could* get switched - for example November 5th could be switched to May 11th, but for some reason it does not. This is quite frustrating for coworkers who rely on these views, but have no way of knowing when a particular row is missing from the view due to date format rearrangement.


      Has anyone encountered this problem before and been able to solve it? Here's what I've tried to date with no success:

      - Hard code formatting of the excel columns and tableau data source so that it does not respond to local system date settings

      - Various short and long formats for the dates (ie, "MM/DD/YY", "Month, dd, Year", etc.)

      - Saving the excel file in different formats

      - All the above then starting both the Tableau and Excel workbook from scratch - the same issue will eventually pop back up when published


      Any direction would be greatly appreciated!