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    Monthly FTE Calculation for date range across multiple projects

    Vimal Raj

      Hi All,


      I am a Tableau newbie and have been tasked a very challenging problem at work.


      The following is a sample of the data I am working with


      Resource TypeNameProject NameStart DateEnd DatePercent Allocated
      Project manager JohnProject A11/15/201612/30/201650
      Project manager JohnProject B10/10/201612/30/201630
      Tableau DevRyanProject D10/15/201611/10/201675
      Tbleau DevRyanProject C8/1/201611/15/2016100
      Java DevTobyProject A10/15/201611/30/201675
      Java DevKirbyProject D10/25/201612/15/201630
      Project manager AustinProject E11/4/201612/30/201650
      Project manager BobProject F11/14/20161/14/2017100
      Tableau DevRyanProject F12/24/20161/29/201750
      Java DevThomasProject F12/4/20162/13/201725
      Java DevKristenProject M12/14/20162/28/201730
      Project manager JohnProject M12/24/20163/15/201740

      Note: FTE = [Percent Allocated]/100


      The task is to come out with a resource level summary table with FTE's for each resource for each month across all projects. Something like this...


      Resource TypeNameAug-16Sep-16Oct-16Nov-16Dec-16Jan-17Feb-17Mar-17
      Project manager John      NULL      NULL0.
      Tableau DevRyan111.751.750.50.5     NULL   NULL


      I have attached a sample workbook with the above data. Please let me know if I can provide additional details. Your help is much appreciated.