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    How to create a user filter on data values that don't exist (yet)

    Russell Magidson

      Hello all


      In creating a user filter on my data source, I've come across the situation where the data value to restrict on does not yet exist. Is there a way to explicitly add a value on the User Filter dialog? In my example below, there would be an additional value of "1375" that does not currently exist, but will in the course of time. Must I wait until someone notices that the data should/does exist but cannot see it due to the current filter? Should I add dummy data with that value, then delete it once the filter is created?


      Note that the groups (e.g. Cust_9999_location) are in Active Directory and the values (e.g. 1975) will come and go in the data.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance

      - Russell