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    Sheet and Dashboard working differently - Cocktail Guide Visualization

    Harpreet Ghuman

      Hi everyone,


      I have been working on revamping one of my earlier Tableau creations - The Cocktail Guide.


      In this, I have tried to display 77 cocktails and the ingredients that go into them like this -

      Main Board.png

      Every individual line running from top to bottom is connecting A cocktail with ONE of its ingredients. So every cocktail has 2,3 or 4 (etc.) lines running from it to the bottom to EACH of its ingredients. And similarly, every ingredient has lots of lines running from it to the top to each of the cocktails that it is used in.

      The 5 icons are 5 types of cocktails (before dinner, long drinks, etc.) which you can use to filter so that only those cocktails are left on the screen.


      Here's my problem -

      If you go to Sheet 1, which has the main wirey thing you see here on the dashboard, and click on any line (which corresponds to ONE cocktails and ONE ingredient), then all of the lines of THAT cocktail are highlighted. So you can see just by clicking on a line, what all goes into the cocktail that corresponds to that line. This is the way I would like it to be as well. But when I click on a line on the main dashboard (which you see here), then only that ONE line is highlighted, not the other lines for that cocktail. I can click on a cocktail's name from the list on the left to highlight all the lines for that cocktail, but I want it to be possible from the wirey part too. What possibly could be the reason for this not happening??


      Thank you so much in advance for this, because I just can't seem to figure out the reason for this!!


      Attaching the workbook here.

      Also, this is the link to the tableau in case you wanna download it from there - Tableau Public