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    Presenting Occupancy

    Karishma Thakkar



      I'm working on trying to combine occupancy, calls per hours, handle time (unavailability) , & idle time (availability) for a demonstration utilizing the graphs from Tableau all in one spot if possible. I'm definitely a beginner with very minimal to no experience and was looking to see if anyone can assist me with this. Attached is the data for each agent.

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          Tom W

          Hi Karishma,

          Welcome to the forums. A word of advice, it's going to be unlikely someone will go out of their way to do your analysis for you.


          I'd suggest you start with some of the many free training resources available here - Tableau Training and Tutorials

          When you get to a point where you have specific questions you need help with, come back and attach a Tableau Packaged Workbook and let us know how we can help.

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            Karishma Thakkar



            Yeah I wasn't expecting anyone to go out of their way to do the analysis. I was looking for any guidance or tools within Tableau someone may recommend I use. For example, to combine the data points together in one graph. I've learned so far with Calls Handled and Calls Presented I can use the "Dual Axis" feature, but looking to understand how it would work if there are multiple variables then Dual Axis doesn't seem like it would work.


            Sorry that may not have been clear enough in my initial post! I'm definitely not looking for any sort of answers or work to be done for me. I'm willing to learn what I can, but was seeking guidance. I'll look into these tutorials.



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              Tom W

              Hi Karishma,

              Thanks for the follow up. What you're asking for is still pretty vague. For me to recommend how you display your data, I'm going to have to do analysis on it.


              I think your best starting place is the training materials. I'd be happy to help if you have a specific question question and you provide a Tableau Packaged Workbook showing your work to date.