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    Marks disappear in IE 11

    Horatiu Negutoiu



      I've written a script that switches between different visualizations when the user clicks on certain marks on the page. However, in Internet Explorer 11, clicking on a mark results in the before/after behavior outlined below. After the mark has been clicked, the <img> element disappears from the DOM (and the user is directed to another visualization, correctly). When the user returns to the original visualization, the mark has disappeared but the link that navigates the user away to other visualizations still works. The behavior happens only in IE11. Chrome and Firefox are fine. The mark names come from an embedded excel file, the javascript detects the mark name and navigates the user to a specific visualization. The switch from one visualization to the next is done by hiding one visualization using jQuery and making another one visible.


      Before click



      After click



      Mark setup



      Any help in fixing this behavior is appreciated.


      Thank you very much,


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          Horatiu Negutoiu

          Upon further investigation, I identified the function containing the issue to be Tableau's clearSelectedMarksAsync function in combination with jQuery's hide() on the visualization's containing div. In IE, when running those functions too close to each other (time-wise), the <img> element in the page disappears. To fix it, I delayed the hide() with a setTimeout of 1 second, which allows the mark to be deselected and THEN the visualization to be hidden away from view.