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    Manigandan Arumugam



      I have 10 Tableau server keys and Each keys have certain no of license. Is there any way to find out Which user is associated with which key? Which table in postgre would give me this information.





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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Manigandan:


          Server license keys don't work like Desktop keys. Tableau Desktop links the key to the user when the application is installed and registered on their client computer. The license information is stored locally on their machine. However, this doesn't happen in this way for Tableau Server licensed users. When an interactor key is activated on Tableau Server, the information is written locally to the computer running Tableau Server and the count of the number of allowable licensed users is incremented based on the number of users attached to a key. If you add a 10 interactor key, you'll gain the ability to add 10 more licensed users to Tableau Server. If you deactivate a 10 interactor key, you will lose the ability to license 10 users on the Tableau Server. They keys themselves are not tied to users, only to the Tableau Server installation and then the users are licensed by the Tableau Server Administrator via the Users tab.


          What are you trying to accomplish?



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