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    Users Unable to Open Dashboard with Tableau Reader 10.0

    Jarred Wion

      I deployed Tableau Reader 10.0 to every computer on my company's network with the following script:


      If not exist "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Reader 10.0\bin\tabreader.exe" (

      if not exist "C:\temp" (mkdir C:\temp)

      copy "\\networkdrivel\Tableau\TableauReader-32bit-10-0-0.exe" "C:\temp\TableauReader-32bit-10-0-0.exe"

      start /wait C:\temp\TableauReader-32bit-10-0-0.exe /quiet /norestart AUTOUPDATE="0" ACCEPTEULA="1" DESKTOPSHORTCUT="1" STARTMENUSHORTCUT="1"

      del "C:\temp\TableauReader-32bit-10-0-0.exe"



      Now users are saying that they are unable to open dashboards in Tableau Reader. When I tested this on my own computer, I saw the icon for tableau reader flash on my taskbar and then quickly disappear after trying to open the file by double clicking on said file. Now when I open reader first, and then open the file from within Tableau Reader it works fine.


      After this started I was told one of the users posted the problem here and someone from Tableau Tech Support said reader would need to be reinstalled to fix the issue. I uninstalled the program on my computer using the following script:


      \\networkdrive\Tableau\TableauReader-32bit-10-0-0.exe /uninstall /quiet /norestart


      Then I reinstalled the program with the same script as I used above just to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the install script. After the install completed, the file opened just fine.


      My questions are as follows:


      What is causing this to happen?


      What can be done to prevent this from happening on future updates?


      Is there anything besides reinstalling the program I can do to remedy the issue?


      Thanks in advance.