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    Replacing a Cube data source removes everything

    Sivasankar Muthusamy



      I have a workbook based on SSAS cube. When I try to change the cube on my data source, I get an error in replacing the cube and the error  “Errors occurred while reloading the data source ” appears. The detailed error message shows  that all the fields used on my filter does not exist and the next message in the process shows as below.



      After replacing the cube it breaks my worksheet, visualization and dashboard and I am missing everything on my workbook. It includes


      Fields used on my rows and columns


      Visualization used on the worksheet

      Dashboard contents

      I have to rebuild everything from the scratch for me to use the new cube. Please note no changes were made on the cube, the old and new cubes are identical . Are there a workaround available to fix the issue ?


      Environment – Tableau 9.2.6, SSAS 2012