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    Need Help in Pivoting ???

    Sumeet Bedekar

      Hi Tableau Lovers,

      This is with respect to data preparation.

      Scenario : I am working on Tableau workbook which is already created by some x Developer. Now Business wants to add news view to the existing tableau workbook.

      Aim- To get the Trend View in Tableau. To create Line Chart (X - axis as Time )

      Problem with Data Set- Years and Measures in Data set are spread horizontally.

      As we know in ideal condition year column should be in single column, but in this case Year Column are spread horizontally.

      My Approach :- To create Pivot and bring data into the required format.

      But here is the challenge.

      I have column with Year and Measure together.

      For example-

      and then


      and then

      2015Tech Pen
      2016Tech Pen
      2017Tech Pen

      Attached is the image for your reference. Last Table is Expected Result.

      Please let me know how to get it done.

      Thanks in Advance


      Rajeev Pandey Ashish Chaudhari Mahfooj Khan Kindly have a look on this .