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    Error to send notification e-mails

    Raquel Oliveira

      Hi, guys!


      I'm facing an issue while trying to get VizAlerts to send notification mails (even execution errors notifications).


      The application is able to get the trusted tickets and process the view we are testing correctly, however it is unable to send mails. I get the following message while executing the app:


      [ERROR] - send_email - Email failed to send; there was an issue sending mail via SMTP server: SMTP AUTH extension not supported by server.


      Before raising this new discussion, I have researched through the community trying to find a solution, but even though some people have faced the same exception message as I'm facing, none of the solutions that worked for them has worked for me.


      Also, I have checked and re-checked several times the SMTP data on VizAlerts' configuration file, and it is correct (also, it's the exactly same data used by Tableau Server, on which it works fine).


      May you please help me with this problem? What could it be? Also, please tell me if any other information I may have not given right now is required to help to analyse this issue!


      Thanks soooo much in advance!!



      Ana Raquel