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    Importing Excel Files

    Ray Williams


      Trying to determine a solid design approach for importing MS Excel files into Tableau for future Dashboards. My question is, should I try to consolidate all the data into a single .xlsx file with a large number of tabs, or have multiple .xlsx files with fewer tabs? Are there any coding challenges with accessing data across separate files that I wouldn’t have if everything was in a single file? Although the overall size of the data is expected to stay under 15 MB, are there performance issues that I need to take into account? Looking for a little guidance based on your past experience.


      Thank you for taking the time to reply.  

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          Yash Chaturvedi

          Hi Ray,


          You should consolidate all the data into a single .xlsx file, it'll be much easier to access all the data in one file only, larger tabs into a file won't be an issue.


          No, there will not be any coding challenges. (*further depends on your use case)

          No,Tableau is good enough to take 15 MB file, while loading it may take 1-3 minutes but that's quite fine.


          Hope it helps.




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