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    Trying to use a combined set - but allowing user to change members in a set

    Dan Burrell

      Hi everyone.


      Not too sure what i have done wrong here, but i thought sets might hold the answer.


      What i want to do is create a set of if customers that have a certain product.

      Then i want to combine this with a set of customers that have a different product.


      What I want to achieve is finding the customers that have say a car, but say don't have car insurance. (Set A = Customers that have a car , Set B = customers that have insurance)

      I think I have managed this ( screenshot below )


      The problem is I want the user to be able to modify what is in those sets on the dashboard


      I have dropped these on separate worksheets ( in anticipation of adding them on a dashboard as filters ) , but I don't have all the values I would expect. Even if I click "All values in database".

      I have only the original values in the set... and no ability to add any more.


      When I go Edit Set, I get the full range of values:


      This appears to be SO CLOSE to what i want to do.