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    Joint or Union data set

    Siang Li Chua

      Hi.  This is my 1st forum msg.  I understand the concept of Joint and Union data set.  But I do not know which method work best for my situation.


      I have 5 years of data set on participation of an event, each year in 1 excel file.  The event has 10 similar set of activities every year.

      Every year there was abt 2000+ participants who may be new or repeat participants.  I am keen to track those participants who come for all 5 years via their ID.

      So I did an inner joint of 5 files using ID.  Bingo it works, 550 participants came yearly and I work with these 550 rows of data, 56 columns (1 ID, 10 activities x 5 yrs). And I proceed to analysis changes of activities in year 1 to year 5, e.g. yearly increment.  All looks good.


      But now, when I try to plot chart of the activities, I run into problem.  I don't have a YEAR parameter for the x-axis. 

      My x-axis of Activity 1 is Act1@2012, Act1@2013, Act1@2014, Act1@2015, Act1@2016

      My x-axis of Activity 2 is Act2@2012, Act2@2013, Act2@2014, Ac2t@2015, Act2@2016



      But I want the x-axis of all my 10 charts to be 2012 to 2016.  Also, I want all the 10 charts (later in my dash board) to have year 1 in similar colour, year 2 in another similar colour, etc and with a legend. So does that mean I should not joint the data but suppose to do a union in the first place?

      But if I union in data in the first place, how can I obtain the 550 participants who came for all 5 years?


      Thank you so much.

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          Nachiket Dekhane

          Hi Siang,


          If the columns in all the data sets have similar data types, you can go for union. To identify the 550 participants which came for all 5 years, you can create a calculated field as SUM({FIXED [Participant ID] : COUNTD(Year)})  and use it as a filter where count is equal to 5.



          Also if you want all your charts to have same x-axis, you can use the fixed axis.




          Hope this helps.





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