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    Making A Better Calculation

    Matthew Risley

      Hey Tableau community!


      I have a calculation that works, But I'd like to make it better.

      The calculation is OSAT (Overall Satisfaction). There are multiple different questions in a survey that capture OSAT for different products. Each product's OSAT is a column in my data set. OSAT is based on values of 1-10.


      The standard OSAT calculation is   %9's and %10's ÷  Total Responses


      Here is how I calculate it so far:

                                                        - I add up the 9's and 10's

                                                        - Divide that by the count


      I have many OSAT questions and making two calculated fields for each one seems tedious. However, I am prepared to do so.


      Is there a way to do this within one step (ie. One calculated field) ?