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    combining data from different excel files and finding the overlap

    Luke Tan

      I have 2 questions, 1 is very basic, 1 is less so.


      I have 2 data files in excel.


      One of them contains a worksheet with email, date/time, URL accessed etc, each record is logging each person's activity. The other file is the user file and has email, Salary, age.etc


      I want to extract and work on the former file  for records where the email owner has salary > 10k.


      The tricky thing is the files are seperate, I believe if they were in the same excel file but in different worksheets, I could pull them together until they overlap/intersect and only work on those records.


      But how do you work on them if there are in different files? I managed to export both of them into Tableua and I can switch between data sources, but I can't seem to make them interact with each other?