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    tableau cluster server----- one process "search browse"   unusable, orther

    jie Chang常

      Error: yesterday we server fails, access the web interface to the login screen, click on the "site" and "content" and "workbook" error searching and browsing service shut down But our company is a three stage distributed, web page to see the status of the is:

      (1) only the primary server "browse search process" is the Red Cross, the other nodes of the "search the process" is OK

      (2) the background tabadmin status - v shows all of the process state is running Later resumed normal restart the whole tableau, but every time to restart to recover, the cycle is too long, nearly 2 hours) -

                  I front-end web site is 24 hours of work, influence is too big Excuse me, how to avoid this kind of phenomenon, how to solve