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    "Connectionless Failure" Why does publishing from Windows work and Mac does not?

    Kim Vinson

      I have a very frustrating situation:

      At work, I use Windows 10 and Tableau desktop 10.1.1

      At home, I use a Mac El Capitan and Tableau desktop 10.1.1


      I work on the same workbooks both at work and at home


      When publishing these workbooks (as extracts with embedded credentials) to the server 10.1.1 everything is fine

      When publishing the same workbooks, with the same conditions, from the Mac, I get a "connectionless failure" error for the scheduled refresh


      I searched and found the "solution" being basically rebuild everything and try again...

      But when I just fire up my work computer and re-publish, voila, it works perfectly


      What gives?

      Why will it work from my Windows PC and not from the Mac version?

      Anybody got some ingenious ideas?