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    Populate current date with 0 if no data

    Paddy Kavanagh

      I have an issue of not being able to display a zero value in the current month's display of figures, when the raw data doesn't have any figures for the current month.

      In the attached (similar to my issue) it should show 0 for November (the current month) but since there was no data for Nov it ignores it as a month that needs to be displayed.


      I have tried many things and read many forum posts and still no luck.


      Analysis -> Table Layout -> Show Empty Columns is greyed out

      also tried

      'Show missing values' but it didn't show them,

      also tried a calculated field with

      ifnull(COUNTD([Sr Number]) ,0)

      and tried

      IIF(ISNULL(LOOKUP(COUNTD([Sr Number]),0 )), 0, (COUNTD([Sr Number])))

      Tableau takes them as a valid equation but still no luck in displaying the current date range


      The picture here is a screen shot of my issue. We are well into Q4 but I can't get '2016 Q4' to show 0 instead of hiding it when there is no data for Q4. I need to show the dashboard users that the issue is resolved and we have a count of 0 now for all KPIs



      Please help :-(