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    Access Level Matrix for Tableau Server 8.2

    Martin Shiu

      Tableau Community,


      I am not very IT technical as we have a specialized IT Team for that, but we seemed to have hit a problem. Currently,we are making reports for our company and different departments, but many times, the dashboards are very similar, if not, the same. The colleagues that are requesting this report are from different department, different level (Global, Local Country, Regional Heads), so the information they are allowed to view would be different although it is the same information.


      With our current architect, we are building 1 report per user that would mean we need a few dozens for different user groups. We are now aiming to build 1 pack, but for ALL users. So the plan is to have an Access Level Matrix.

      Certain user group can see page 1, 2, 4, 8, while another can see 2, 5, 6, 8. This way, when IT changes the report, everyone would get to see it right away. Certain summary reports can be shared and certain pages that another user group find useful could be shared easily.


      Just wondering if this is possible.


      Also, if I would like to un-clear all the filters I had click in a report in Tableau, is that a way to undo them all with a click of a button? Or do users have to unclick each filter by itself?



      Many Thanks,

      Martin S.

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          Martin Shiu

          Dear Tableau Community,


          Our IT team and I are still researching on the above, but during this time, we were wondering if anyone is successful with the below idea:


          1) Make a side menu that lists all the Projects

          - Each project would represent a Data Category (Sales, HR, Finance, etc.)

          2) There will be Workbook(s) under each Project

          - This way, we can set permission of the workbook based on the user access level

          - Out team have global company data, so there will be Global, Regional, Sub Regional, Country and Office Heads/Analysts that would need the same data, but at different levels

          - This requires us to set permission to certain reports/workbooks

          - All tabs would be visible to all users (as long as they have permission to the Workbook)

          - Users can only see the workbooks they have access to


          With the above, we would be able to share a single URL to all users, hence, they would be able to find all the reports available to them in the same URL. Workbook could be shared between groups (so if the same workbook template could used across different departments, we would just need to create 1 instead of mulitple - this reduce maintenance when there are upgrades).


          There are a few issues which we would like to see if anyone has a solution:

          1) How to display this 'side menu'

          2) If a user would like to generate a pack but with different data source (in different Projects), is that possible? - so far, I know it's not, but just wondering (some of our users are a bit old fashion and would like a print out report instead, and asking them to export multiple Projects and Reports would not yield the desired user experience)

          3) Is there a way to bundle different reports/workbooks together to make a big report?



          Does the above make sense?


          Just thought this might be another idea to tackle my 'Access Matrix'. Everyone shares a single URL, one report, just the way they view it would be different due to their Access Level. This ensures Global Management can view the same report as Country/Office Management for transparency and allows everyone to speak the same 'language'. This would be the ultimate goal.






          Martin S.

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            sudhakar reddy

            Hello Martin,


            I would suggest you to use the user filter where the data can be restricted per user.


            Restrict Data Access with User Filters and Row Level Security


            Create a User Filter and Secure it for Publishing


            Hope this helps.



            Sudhakar Reddy

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              Martin Shiu

              Hi Sudhakar,


              Many thanks for the suggestions. Our IT and i are current using user as filter already, but some issues we have are:

              1) In some reports, if it is designed for a regional user (example: Country to country comparison), these dashboards would be completely useless to country users even if they have the data (unless their country is big enough to have a few offices)

              2) Some countries do not have data for those reports, therefore, they will see a blank dashboard


              Due to the above two issues, our IT and I are having quite an headache (to make presentable dashboards by having less blank spaces).


              Just wonder did you encounter these issues? Maybe the scope of our department is a little bigger than usual with unstandardized data systems, thus, it is making our problem bigger than it seemed.





              Martin S.