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    Select Fields from SQL Server for improved performance?

    Russel Quan

      I have a table that has 100+ fields.  I only need 10 fields.  I would like to improve performance by bring back only the fields that i need from the database. 

      Please reply with any recommendations.  I'm currently using version 9.3.


      I've tried HIDING all of the fields that I don't want in the Data Source definition, and then compared the load times using the Help > Settings and Performance > Start Recording / Stop Recording.

      They came out the same. 


      I have 2 Data Source Filters on the Data Source definition.  They are identical.  One filters out NULLs, and the other looks for a YEAR minimum on a date field.


      Is there a place to put in a SQL query to trim down the fields?  I'm pulling data from SQL Server.


      I don't have permissions to create a view on the database.


      I looked in the Community and Help and didn't find the specific answers.

      Thanks in advance.