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    Callan Chart/Periodic Table Chart

    Kunal Pandya

      I am wondering if the attached chart can be created in Tableau.  On the columns you will have the Years and Rows would have returns.  but for each year, I would like it sorted from Highest to lowest.  Also for each return, I would like it to be uniquely colored.  So for example, we have 3 years (2015, 2014 and 2013)  There are 4 indexes (A,B,C & D)  I would like to have the years in the column and the returns for each in a table style and A,B,C & D would have unique colors but would stay the same for all the years.  i.e if A is yellow, it would stay the same fore all 3 years.  I would also like the sorted in descending order.  So if A was highest in 2015, it would be at the top and if it was lowest in 2013 it would be at the bottom.  I am a beginer in tableau and would greatly appreciate help on this or even attaching a sample work book.  TIA