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    Dynamic report URL parameters for server users

    Rasiya Lehreen Syed



      I have a report created where I have created a parameter for 'Users'. Which in turn I am using in a calculated field, to get the 'username' using the username() function. At the DB I have an SP created wherein I filter the data only for a particular user( We maintain a table for different users and I cannot afford to have the data being duplicated for each user, I had to create an SP which filters for an user).

      This approach works perfectly fine when I try on my desktop. But as I publish the data source and workbook to the server, the parameter somehow doesn't seem to work. Currently I login to the Tableau server as an user to view a report, but I need to have this report url embedded into an application which will pass the 'User' to the tableau server.

      I am using Tableau version 10.0.1. I know of people who have taken the similar approach to get this done and it has worked fine. But they had used Tableau 8.3. Is it something to do with the versions??


      Can someone please help me out with it at the earliest. This is the only thing holding me back from the deliverable.