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    Aggregation Issue

    Jon Honeyball



      As a relatively new user of Tableau I have a query which I think relates to aggregation.


      I attach some data relating material usage variances.


      I have a table of data "row data". This contains some calculated fields including "Variance £ (inc scrap)". When exported into Excel this column totals £8,442.26.


      There is then a sheet called "Aggregate". I am trying to "pivot" the data by ingredient item type. When doing so the Variance £ (inc scrap) does not total up to the £8,442.26.



      1. Could anyone offer some insight as to why this is happening?


      2. How can I achieve the target of "pivoting" the "Variance £ (inc scrap)" by ingredient item type?


      Thank you


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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jon,


          Thank you for posting a workbook.  This allows community members to assist much quicker.  I am having a an issue trying to determine how the 8,442.26 was determined.  is this the total of the column for each MRF ingredient item type?   i broke out the calculation to look a bit more at the details and the first thing that comes to mind is the order of operations for Variance Qty (inc scrap) is not clearly defined and may be the root of the problem but I would need to see your Excel examples to verify. 


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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Jon,


            It looks like you're using Aggregate Calculations

            in your calculated Measures -- like SUM([Some Measure]) --

            but your data allows to make most of them as Row-Level ones.

            Then all your aggregations become easy.


            As an example I've made a couple of them as such.

            Please find the attached. Hope it could help.