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    Actions issue

    gogineni vishal

      Hi all,


      Please have a look at my workbook .


      My requirement is as follows :


      1.When you click on any bar on profit or quanity in dashboard-1. It should go to dashboard 2 in case of profit and dashboard 3 in case of quantity while filtering the values and displaying the results.


      Thank you so much.




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          Rahul Verma

          Hi Vishal



          I have solved your Query as you asked, Since directly you cant filter out the things like you want. The "Menu Filter" will Solve your Purpose.
          I am attaching the Workbook (Version 10) as well as some screenshots.



          Please see to it and get back to me for further queries.

          Hope this helps.




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            gogineni vishal

            Hi Rahul verma,


            Thank you for taking your time in doing this.


            I am aware of the above method of menu actions.


            But the requirement here is to let it filter and take it to the appropriate dashboard. This is a mock-up data . In reality i have five bar charts .


            Do you think it is possible in tableau the way i want it to be ?


            Kind regards,


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              Amit Narkar

              Hi Vishal


              Please find the attached version. However I could not achieve exact same effect as you desire but close to it. I have restructure data to get the results.

              See if this is possible in your scenario.