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    SAP R/3 (ECC 6.0)

    Martin Stark

      Hi There,


      does anyone know about an succesfull installation connecting SAP ECC to tableau? No customer names, just to vertical/horizontal. Just to know, if it works in real-life.


      thanks in advance


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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Martin,


          I can't imagine a close "integration" of Tableau with SAP ECC. The closest I can imagine is a output on a FTP server from which Tableau is retrieving the data as exel or CSV file. Integration with SAP BW is challenging. Find multiple post on this topic on the internet. The best integration between the Tableau and SAP world is via SAP HANA based on calculation views.


          Hope it helps.

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            k e

            Hi Martin,


            our company Theobald Software is a Tableau technology partner and we offer Xtract Universal as an SAP Connector for Tableau.

            Xtract Universal can extract data from SAP ERP / ECC ( from tables, views, BAPIs, ERP Queries, ABAP Reports and Datasources) and from BW (Cubes, Queries, Hierarchies, Export Datasources etc.).

            Xtract Universal can extract the SAP data and deliver them as TDE file and optinally upload it to the tableau server.

            Another Options are possible too:

            - deliver the extracted data as OData stream to Tableau, in this way you have a "live connection" between SAP ERP/BW and Tableau

            - using an ETL Tool (like alteryx or others) to extract and prepare data for Tableau.


            We have many customers extracting data from SAP ERP. Check our product web site.

            Tableau Destination - Theobald Software GmbH


            If you have further questions, just feel free to ask me or to download a trial version of Xtract Universal.


            Best Regards,


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              Martin Stark

              Dear Norbert and ke,


              thanks for your answers. Thats is helpful.


              Best regards


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                Norbert Maijoor

                Hi Martin,


                I realized after the post by Khoder that I totally forgot this option. I did run a POC with Theobald Softwareon SAP ECC  already 2 years ago.

                For sure the solution provided by Theobald software should be evaluated in your scenario.