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    vinay reddy

      Hey guys


      I had quick question that is i have excel file in that had one calumn name called Timely/Untimely so that column would be have data like timely, untimely so my question is using that file i wanna create numerator and Denominator toshow in line graph so hoow to write the function in caluculated field for numarator and denominator please respond asap urgent.so please find the attached files there C file has one box there i wanna show as  numerator and Denominator in that box so how to do that pls help me out


      Thanks in advance  and have a nice weekend!

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          Tom W

          Hi Vinay,

          Your requirement isn't really clear. A numerator and denominator of what?

          What is your numerator? What is your denominator?


          If you'd like specific guidance you will need to upload a Tableau Packaged Workbook including sample data as well.

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            vinay reddy

            Hey Tom


            sorry i can't upload TWBX file but i will give the data screenshot just i wanna create numerator and denominator for caluculated field to show this@a.PNGb.PNG in graph how to write functions for numarator and denominater hope you understand me

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              Tom W

              I can't really provide you with specific advice without a workbook.


              A numerator and a denominator are both just components in a fraction. They could be the count of something or the sum of something, you haven't specified that at all.


              If I want to know the total of profit divided by sales, then my Numerator is SUM(Profit) and my denominator is SUM(Sales). I would implement that in a calculated fieldin tableau as SUM(Profit) / SUM(Sales)