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    Sales vs Target Calculation

    You Zhi Low

      Hi forum,


      I currently have 2 Sheets.

      • 1st sheet with Sales data which belongs to Principal A,B & C and their daily transaction.
      • 2nd sheet is the individual Principal A,B & C's target as a whole number.

      I've linked both sheets to get the principal target. Then to calculate Achievement  (Sales/Target) %


      Problem is when i drag Sales & Target Measures into the table,  the Target registers as a sum of all the target for all transactions but in actual I just need 1 figure.

      How do I solve this? I've tried using Avg(Target) but is there a better way to extract the Target ?


      Attached are my workings.

      Below is the final result that i require.


      Principal NamePrincipal CodeSalesTargetAchievement
      PRINCIPAL A101202         992,463   1,015,607.22 98%
      PRINCIPAL B100226      7,787,178   8,141,884.28 96%
      PRINCIPAL C100197      1,993,906   2,658,274.91 75%


      Hope you can help as Im very new to Tableau.