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    export custom image if dashboard having no data in tabcmd

    Ravindra Zinjad

      Hi All,


      My script is exporting dashboard image to sharepoint using tabcmd command.

      However I have no control if image is blank or not.


      I want to develope solution where if exported image is not having any data then user will get dummy image saying no data with custom message.


      I found some thread where we are showing No Data in dashboard if no data in dashboard.

      but in this solution our worksheets should be floating, In my case I can not make these worksheet as floating.


      Is their any solution to acheive this?


      I have a logic bt no idea about how do coding.

      logic is - I have observed image size lessar than 5kb ( in my case) are blank or not having any data. If we replace this with custom image on same location using batch command.

      But problem is when replacing I want to keep file name like existing one. so new custom image will replace existing image.


      for example : I have 5 tableau exported dashboard images, from that 2 images are less than 5kb.

      I want to replace these 2 image with my custom images but name should be same as old image.


      Export nameSize
      DashboardImage 120Kb
      DashboardImage 250kb
      DashboardImage 33kb
      DashboardImage 42kb
      DashboardImage 5100kb