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    Alert when no data is available on the view

    Shafi Mohammad

      Hello All,


      Has anyone built an alert viz that would check for data availability on a workbook/view and trigger an email alert?

      If yes, could you please share your approach so that I could have an idea?

      Should I just start with building an alert viz based on one or more fields used on the workbook that needs  to be verified for data availability and trigger alert email?


      VizAlerts documentation states that in its simple form, it checks for data availability on the subscribed view(s) and sends an email alert to the subscriber which would be a simple alert.

      For data unavailability is there any simple change that could be done to the vizalerts script to accommodate this need? I would understand this would flip the simple form of vizalerts functionality but is it possible? or should I be looking at building an alert viz instead? Please advise.

      We are running vizalerts v1.1.1 and haven't upgraded to v2 yet.


      Thanks much in advance.



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          Matt Coles

          Sure, there are quite a few ways to do this without modifying the VizAlerts source code itself. The right method depends on what you're looking for. If the data is unavailable, how specifically would you check for that?


          • Are the records there, but with invalid or NULL values for certain columns? If so, it's pretty easy--just filter your VizAlert trigger viz to show only invalid or NULL values for those specific columns.

          • Are there no new records where there should be? If so, calculate the time since the MAX date that the last record was created. Filter it so that you only show data when the max date is more than N hours / days past the current time. I use this technique to test whether some of our critical data extracts have not run in over 90 minutes (they should run at least every 30 minutes).
          • Are there no records at all when there's a problem? This one is trickier, but you can still do it. Jonathan Drummey probably has a ton of techniques for this. But one approach is to create a single placeholder row in a separate data source, and a dummy calculated field with the value 1 on both data sources. Then use the new single-row data source as your primary, and blend in data from the original data source by joining on the dummy "1" field. Count the number of rows in the original datasource, and then filter on that value. Doing a cross-database join could likely also work for this, if you're using 10.0 or higher.
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            Jonathan Drummey

            Matt’s response covers the major situations, my only addition would be to ask what you’re desiring for output because that can affect how you build your data source and the Tableau views.