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    Automated Performance Recording in Tableau Server?

    Max Wong

      Hi all,


      Just a quick question, I understand that in Tableau Server, I am able to run a performance recording manually by inserting ?:record_performance=yes in the URL of the workbook that I want to view. I just need an affirmation that Tableau Server does not support automated performance recording and is there any other way to check the query time in a workbook?


      Also, I have a published workbook that is connected to SSAS and have created multiple calculated members grouping the date dimensions into Week 1 (AGGREGATE([Current Date].ITEM(0).LAG(77):[Current Date].ITEM(0).LAG(83))), Week 2 (AGGREGATE([Current Date].ITEM(0).LAG(70):[Current Date].ITEM(0).LAG(76))), Week 3 (AGGREGATE([Current Date].ITEM(0).LAG(63):[Current Date].ITEM(0).LAG(69))), etc. Could calculated members involving dates cause long loading time of a workbook in Tableau Server? Correct me if I am wrong, the loading time will be reduced if I revisit the workbook since there has been a cache for the workbook in the web browser?


      Looking forward to your help. Thanks!