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    Totals dont work when secondary DS has LOD expressions.


      Have been issues regarding subtotals and managed to isolate the problem:


      I have 3 DS:


      A: a scaffold. Primary source.

      B: some data. Secondary source.

      C: some data. Secondary source.


      I wanna show ValueB and ValueC in scaffold. The relationships are by Date and a hierarchy of 3 items.


      ValueB is straightforward, is not a calculated field, but ValueC is something like:


      { INCLUDE [Supplier], [Check Number]:

          max([Check Amount])



      I do this because in my DS i have a lot of lines per check and i just need the check amount.


      If I use just ValueB the totals work, but i i wanna show ValueC, Tableau  throws "one or two fields use an unsupported level of aggregation".


      How can i fix this? I already tried replacing include with fixed, no luck.