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    Sum error when connects two table

    Nhan Nguyen

      Hi I have a problem like this:


      I have two table: Table 1 and 2:


      Table 1:


      Table 2:


      When I connect 2 tables together, the number of Sales Man in table 1 shows up in table 2 like this: I call this table 3



      Then, I want to calc the average value of how much 1 Sale Man can sell product, so my Fomular is: Sum(VND)/sum(SalesMan), but the result is not my expectation. I found that when I sum the total Sales Man, it returns the total sales man of each row in the Table 3. My expectation is the result should be the total sales man of table 1. Can you help me find the solutions? Thank you so much, I'm a newbie here :-).


      One more question:


      I want to calc the number of SoldSKU / Order, but both of them are in the same column 'DataType'. What kind of fomular can I use in this case? Thank you.