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    Server core based licensing - is it OK to just use one user to connect to tableau server?

    Manu Dev
      • Our web-page uses several embedded tableau views using javascript API.
      • I am using trusted authentication to connect to our Tableau server.
      • We have a core based tableau server license instead of the one which tracks number of users.

      While getting the trusted token I am always specifying the same user (for example 'TableauUser' ) which i have setup with correct access on our tableau server.

      This is working fine for us in terms of functionality as we do not need custom views and other user-specific features for the users of our web-app.


      Given all this, can I continue to use this setup for as many visitors on our web-app as I want ?

      Aside from the performance of the server machine, is there any other limit on the number of concurrent session for a single user ('TableauUser') ?