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    Calculation using a Calculated Field on top of a Table Calculation

    MJ Gellada

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying build a calculation which uses a calculated field and a table calculation. I've spent hours on trying to get this to work. When I figured out how to get this to work for a single data set by using the ATTR() function, but when I included 2 datasets (within the same data source), it broke. Below is a screenshot of before and after when I have aggregation of 1 data set and then 2 data sets as shown by the filter (data sets exist on hour 0 and 4).


      With data set from day 14 hour 0:

      With data sets from day 14, hour 0 and day 14, hour 4:


      So the "Mean Response Rate" is a table average of the "Actual Response Rate" column. The "Actual Response Rate" is a calculation of "Actual Response" / number of records which is another value within the same record. "Index" uses these two calculations by dividing the row's "Actual Response Rate" into the "Mean Response Rate" of the current data view i.e. "Index" = "Actual Response Rate" / "Mean Response Rate".


      I figured out that I can actually calculate Index when the calculated field evaulates ATTR([Actual Response Rate])/[Mean Response Rate], but when adding a 2nd data set, it breaks. Now you can see the last 2 columns are actually evaluating the ATTR() function on [Actual Response Rate] so this is what I believe is breaking this.


      Anyone know if this kind of calculation is possible i.e. Calculated field is calculated using a calculated field and a table calculation?


      Attached is a sample data set with the calculations described above.